San Narciso School, the Vincentian Fathers in Marin

The Vincentian fathers found a student housing in Marín in 1929 by request of Marín's emigrants living in Argentina at that time, who were worried about the education of the children in this village. It was narciso Nores Salgado who donated a building located in campo da Feira, Marín and a estate in Chan do Monte, Mogor. In January 1926 they established the Congregation of the Mission being its superior P.S. VAllés. On the 27th of August 1927 P.Ángel Marvá became the director and since then 156 Vincentian fathers have lived in Marín.


The Vincentian fathers were in charge, along with two teachers, of the Primary school as well as the School for adults. Later on they offered the possibility of studying a Commerce course and Baccalaureate, those students had to pass their final examinations at a public school. They kept on teaching during 1931-1936 despite the II Republic laws on religious congregations.

From 1939 to 1958 San Narciso school slightly increased its students, consolidating the Baccalaureate. The Vincentian fathers opened the half boarding school and offered tutoring classes under the supervision of teachers. There was a lot of pastoral actvity during these years: parish, Cantodarea chapel, chaplaincy, catechesis, preaching.

During 1954-1955 the school was "authorised", it has a new hall for boarding students and it's the beginning of its educational prestige. From 1958 to 1975 they kept up the level for Primary school and established the Secondary school. Due to the increasing boarding students the attics were turned into bedrooms. There were many young Vincentian fathers with bachelor's degrees. Those days there were 400 students taking its last course in this building, 120 were boarding students and 15 half boarding.

The pedagogy was based on intense studying sessions, sports and pastoral activities. The school always kept an open pastoral in its own chapel and a daily collaboration with other parishes and religious institutions.



San Narciso in Chan do Monte

Throughout the 1970's there were two important issues that needed a solution: the lack of space for students and the economic inability to solve them without external help. In 1971 the school got the "social interest institution certificate" which made possible to get a soft loan to move the school to Chan do Monte, following the purchase of land, which increased the extension of the previous estate up to 29.000 m2.

On March 16th 1973 the headmaster of the Congregation laid the foundation stone of the new school in Chan do Monte and in 1975 the boarding school and sport facilities, along with a residence for the Congregation members, were operating. Later on, there were built a new primary school and another sport facility. During 1975-1982 the school kept on growing continuously reaching the 1333 students enrolled in 1982. At the same time the number of secular and vincentian teachers increased.

The last stage of the school involves the transition to a State-funded school. Since 1983 San Narciso is a coeducational school. At this point the boarding school is closed and students begin to use the school transportation. The school offers all educational levels: Kindergarten, Primary, Secondary and baccalaureate. From the 90's onwards the number of students and teachers settles down. The number of students varies from 863 in 93-94 and 640 in 2003-04 around 2/3 of these students come from Marin.

San Narciso is the axis of the Vincentian fathers in Marin and gets the help of teachers, students and parents by means of the school council. Intense studying and sports practice are basic as well as pastoral activities.



Present and Future

We have always tried to give the best education coverage to our community, Marin and its district. The school, as it has been doing over the last 90 years, will keep on integrating in its teaching plan cutting edge resources, technical and human, to guarantee the best future for our students, for example the introduction of digital books during the school year 2013-2014.

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